Easily get your technical service license with specialist help

Each businessperson who wants to establish a business in Dubai must ensure that all formalities are fulfilled at the time of registration. The business must acquire a valid license under the relevant category in which it is supposed to operate. In Dubai, the business activities can be carried out only when the entrepreneur, businessman has received the proper license. For activities such as marketing, a professional license is required. If the company is in the manufacturing line, then it must acquire an industrial license. A trading business must acquire a commercial license. You must consult with the experts to learn about the specific license that is used for doing certain business activities such as technical license. With the help of experts, you can learn more about technical service license costs in Dubai.

Obtaining a license and approval is not a child’s play as various formalities have to be accomplished. It is good to take assistance from a business setup consultant like IMAS. When an expert consultant is ready to help, you can acquire the license in a few simple steps.

What types of activities are allowed under technical services?

Many types of commercial activities are permitted under technical services such as:

  • Carpentry and flooring
  • Ventilation, air-conditioning and air filtration
  • Concrete works
  • Insulation contracting
  • Electrical fitting and fixtures services
  • Corporate cleaning
  • Installation and maintenance
  • Wall tiling work
  • Installing false ceilings
  • Solar energy systems installation
  • Plumbing
  • Cladding and plaster work

Why should you avail expert assistance at the time of receiving the service license?

Professional experts are familiar with the procedures. They know how to submit the application on the behalf of their clients. Different types of documents are to be submitted while applying for a license. Your application must be submitted in an impeccable manner. Then, there will be a higher chance that the application will get accepted. The clients also get peace of mind that their application is in safe hands after approaching professional experts.

Decide the location of the business

Prior to establishing a business in the UAE, you must look for a suitable location. If your company is established on the mainland, you can offer services across the UAE, and it is also possible to take government contracts. You can also establish a business in the free zone. Consider the nature of your business and other specific requirements as well.

Choose a good name for your commercial establishment

The name of your commercial establishment should not be offensive. It should be available to register. Avoid such names that appear similar to big companies.

The technical services license application

A company formation specialist can help you whether you have decided to set up a business in the mainland or free zone. The company formation specialists are familiar with all formalities. They help the clients to save time and effort. Along with the application form, the applicant must submit passport size photos, a copy of the passport, Memorandum of Association (MOA), etc. Consult with the experts to learn what the estimated cost of receiving a technical service license is. Whether it is the matter of family visa charges in Dubai or documents required while obtaining the license, it is important to consult with business setup specialists.