General Trading License Cost in Dubai

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General Trading License Cost in Dubai

In order to open a business in Dubai, you must apply for a general trade license. Any firm that wishes to operate in the emirate must have this license. But how much does it cost to start up a General Trading License in Dubai?

The price of obtaining a general trade license depends on the kinds of products and services you want to provide. Depending on the intricacy of your operations and services, the prices might range from AED 15,000 to AED 50,000. When requesting a license in Dubai, there are additional application expenses that must be paid.

Obtaining a general commerce license in Dubai can be an expensive process. The price of getting a general trade license for your company varies depending on the kind of business you’re starting, how many shareholders you have, and other elements. In addition, there are expenditures involved with opening a business in Dubai, such as application fees. The costs associated with launching a business in Dubai with a general trade license will be covered in this article. We will examine the various licensing fees as well as any other expenditures that could be spent in the course of the application.

General Trading License cost in Dubai by IMAS 

But you won’t need to be concerned about the legitimacy of these payments when you work with the IMAS’s professionals. We supervise all transactions to make sure you obtain the most affordable general trading license in the UAE and that setting up your general trading business in the UAE will not result in any additional expenses.

Following Activities you can do Under your General Trading License in Dubai (Mainland)

  • You can Trade from Needle to Aircraft
  • Trading Multiple Products
  • You can Open Retail Store
  • Trending Online Selling ( You can Create your Online store )
  • Medical Products ( Approval Required by DHA )
  • More Details talk to our Experts Now

Biggest Advantages of General Trading License in Dubai

  • Whole sole Boss of your own Business No local Sponsorship Required
  • Trade License is issued on tips means within 60 Minutes you will get your General Trading License
  • Without Office also you will get your General Trading License
  • No Limitation of trade activities or products under One General Trading License
  • You can obtain Dubai General Trading License without Visiting to Dubai United Arab Emirates
  • Wide Scope of Business Activities in General Trading License of Dubai

General Trading License Cost in Dubai Free Zone

The UAE Free Zones are excellent locations to establish a General Trading Company. The investor can engage in selling, distribution, storage, import/export, and other activities with the help of a Dubai general trading license. A general trading license can be used for a variety of commercial operations, including selling electronics, accessories, clothing, furniture, and other commodities at retail and wholesale prices.

Obtaining a general trading license in the UAE is the best option if the firm trades various items rather than just one. General trading is one of the most sought-after license categories by investors in the UAE, where there are more than 40 Free Zones.

Benefits of purchasing a General Trading License Package from a Free Zone include access to top-notch office, logistical, and warehouse facilities, 100% foreign ownership, no import duties for imports into the Free Zone, and more. Starting at around 15,786 AED, a general trading license package in the free zone with a 1 visa quota is available. Depending on the location of the Free Zone, company activity, the number of available visas, and other variables, the cost of a general trading license can reach AED 50,000 and higher.

Advantages of Taken General Trading License from Dubai Free Zone

The procedure of forming a business is simple and quick in the UAE Free Zones. They provide unique, affordable general trading license packages to meet the needs of all investors. Offering a variety of residence visa quotas, UAE Free Zones provide Multi-Year General Trading License Packages. For investors who want to hire workers for their office, the three-year residency visas that are provided by the majority of free zones are an added bonus.

Due to the sophisticated logistics and storage assistance offered within the Free Zones, the Free Zone General commerce License enables investors to readily ease international commerce.

  • 100% Foreign Ownership
  • Complete Control Over the Business
  • Fixed Cost for the Entire Year
  • No Yearly Audit is necessary
  • No relation to the labor Department
  • Repatriation of earnings in full
  • Tax residency certificate eligibility Customs duty exemption
  • Dedicated customs inspection on the property

E-Commerce & General Trading License in Free Zone Sharjah

  • Trade License for 1 year
  • 3 Multiple business activity
  • Multiple shareholders
  • Office Lease agreement for 1 year

IMAS Play a vital Role to Obtain Your General Trading License in Dubai | Sharjah

IMAS specializes in the formation of LLC companies in the UAE’s free zones and on the country’s mainland. You will receive support from our knowledgeable business consultants while you create your company and they will make sure you get your General Trading License in the UAE as easily as possible.

Depending on your business needs, we will provide you the appropriate company formation package. We will register the business for you remotely when you send us the required paperwork online. For more details about Company Formation and Getting a General Trading License in the UAE, get in touch with us.

To learn more about company formation in the UAE, contact our specialists.