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Establishing a business empire in the world’s largest free zone in Dubai is a dream of many aspiring entrepreneurs who wish to operate with minimal restrictions. It is a wonderland for foreign investors to fully own and operate their businesses without mandatory partnerships. IMAS offers informative consultancy for the freezone company formation UAE especially for businessmen seeking to practice services such as production, import/export, packaging, dismantling, and services without being associated with the mainland market directly. Your business can prosper in the best freezone in Dubai. With the help of our expert guidance and help, your business can easily achieve its goals. We make sure to choose the best freezone in UAE among more than 40 free zones operating in UAE, for our clients considering their business requirements and future goals.

To operate and function in free zones in UAE, it is necessary to obtain a license to start the business without legal hindrances. Depending on the nature of operations and services offered by the business establishment, it is important to acquire the relevant license ranging from general license, trading license, services license, and industrial license. Under our special package, we not only assist in acquiring the relevant license for your business but also cover the freezone license cost Dubai.

  • Enjoy full ownership – This means the businessmen don’t have to enter into an unwanted partnership with an Emirati sponsor. The businessman is the sole owner of his/her enterprise. Such benefits also attract the businessman to set up a business.
  • Exemption from import/export duties – The freezone company formation offers exemption from the import and export duties of traders, which is the main reason that attracts foreign investors.
  • Lesser tax application – As compared to the mainland, the tax application system is laxer in free zones.
  • Easy labor recruitments – A company can hire as many workforces as it wants to keep up its operations.
  • Diverse market – The market is typically rich with the presence of many foreign companies which gives fair competition as well as opportunities to engage and collaborate for joint ventures.
  • Trade opportunities – Since the free zones are the hub of all leading traders, it has numerous trade opportunities in the offing.

We can guide you about freezone license cost Dubai. Your business must acquire all relevant licenses in order to start its operations. As the freezone offers many privileges to the company owners, almost all the entrepreneurs want to get a freezone license. You can consult our experts to learn more about freezone license costs. Managing a business should be done with proper planning. The experts of IMAS can help you to identify such areas where your business can grow and flourish. With our help, you can choose the best freezone in Dubai and pursue your goals with ease. Your business must choose the right zone according to its requirements. It is important to note that different free zones have their own set of rules. The experts of IMAS will guide you about the documents that need to be submitted with the authorities. Whether you want information about the cheapest freezone in Dubai or some type of guidance, we are always present to help.

If you are searching for freezone company formation UAE service, look no further than IMAS. With our help, you can explore all types of trading opportunities. We are here to guide and help you with complicated procedures. By taking help from the specialists, you can easily learn more about the freezone company formation. Contact us and benefit from our strategic ideas to take your organization to new heights.

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