Best Pro Services In Dubai

The best PRO services in Dubai

PRO services play a vital role in the establishment and functionality of a thriving business setup in Dubai. The PRO team or agents are crucial in maintaining cordial links between the government and corporations. IMAS has hands-on experience dealing with legal complications, filing applications, maintaining documentation, and acquiring government approval. We offer the best PRO services in Dubai to cover all your business establishment needs. We offer assistance in the following PRO services:

Assistance in translation

Due to its incredible cosmopolitan culture, translation services are in great demand in the UAE. IMAS has expertise in providing legal translation, normal translation, and official translation. It includes the translation of contracts and agreements, management translation, menu translation, websites invoices, MOAs, AOAs, POAs, and MoUs, etc. IMAS has proficiency in and expertise in the main languages of Europe, Asia, and Africa which are spoken by the majority of the residents in the region. We have a very proficient team that can assist you in the translation.

Assistance in attestation services

Attestation is an integral step in the documentation process to prove authenticity and credibility. Finding a credible attester in the UAE is a daunting task. IMAS guarantees timely and authentic attestation services for all the legal and administrative documents using its credible and trustworthy resources. The expats, who are strangers to the land and people, are always in dire need of acquiring assistance in attestation services in Dubai to fulfill their visa requirements and other official necessities. IMAS is a reliable name renowned for providing credible validity to your certificates and documents.

Assistance in bank account opening

The formation of the mainland, free zone and offshore companies in UAE requires the government to provide bank account details to the authorities. Our team of professionals manages all the requirements about opening up a bank account in Dubai and handles the coordination with the bank authorities efficiently. On behalf of investors, our team will respond to all queries of the bank authorities and will ensure the provision of all relevant documents promptly.

Assistance in visa

IMAS offers distinctive services to our valued clients to assist in the visa process. Our visa services include assistance in:

  • Investor’s visa
  • Employment visa
  • Dependant visa
  • Maid visa
  • Visa-permit to change status (inside the country)
  • Medical
  • Emirates ID
  • Visa stamping on passport
  • Visa renewal
  • Trade License renewal
  • Document clearing
  • Visa & Trade License cancellation

It is believed that the United Arab Emirates offers the best environment to entrepreneurs, investors and businesspersons. The environment is business-friendly, and the government is stable. It is necessary to find the best PRO services in Dubai to reduce the administrative cost and operate the business in a successful manner. The experts of IMAS will provide you with the PRO service at an affordable price. We will help you with proper documentation, procedures and approval. By utilizing our PRO service, you can focus on your core business activities.

We understand that the documentation and procedures of receiving approval are very tedious and time-consuming. By utilizing the service of IMAS, you can save your precious time and efforts. Very often, the management of the business has to spend a lot of time setting up the company. IMAS helps its clients to manage their PR activities. Our professional team provides reliable, professional and trustworthy assistance. We work in a systematic manner and give the best PRO services in Dubai. Just hire our services and get rid of all the worries. We provide comprehensive PRO services to our esteemed clients so that they can achieve their business goals. Our dedicated PRO agents are well-informed, and they will allow you to pursue your business goals in an effective manner.

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