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An offshore company carries out its operations outside its registered jurisdiction and/or the location/residence of its owner and can be operated under registered agents like IMAS. At IMAS, our experienced team will help you with offshore company formation UAE with an offshore bank account in Dubai. The three major offshore authorities in UAE namely JAFZA, Ajman, and RAKICC provides the best environment for shipping business, International Trading, International Consultancy or marking the patent, etc. IMAS has a reliable system of providing complete information about setting up an offshore company and wastes no time in acquiring an offshore license in Dubai and finishing the registration process in time.

  • Tax exemption – Offshore companies are famous for tax exemptions. The local laws of the land do not apply to them, and they do not fall in the taxation system of the land.
  • Tremendous opportunities for international trade – As the name denotes, the offshore companies are not associated with the host country. They are not bound by the legal requirements of the country and can engage in trade opportunities with many companies.
  • No restriction of staying in the country – The major charm of the offshore company is that the owner can stay away from the country. Unlike mainland companies, the owner is not bound to have a residence inside UAE or a bank account. The offshore companies give complete anonymity to the owner of the company.
  • Low asset maintenance cost – The asset maintenance cost is lower in offshore areas than the mainland companies.
  • Low license cost – As compared to mainland companies and freezone companies, the offshore companies have to bear minimum license and registration charges.

IMAS has a very skilled team that helps with offshore company formation UAE. There are many steps involved in the company formation and the businessperson is supposed to submit many documents. Several types of formalities need to be fulfilled in the offshore company formation. The team of IMAS is concerned about your success. We will work on your behalf if necessary to ensure your business can operate efficiently. The offshore company is legally exempt from corporate tax. There are not many trade barriers and things become easy when an expert such as IMAS is present to help. All such aspects are encouraging businesspersons to opt for offshore company formation.

IMAS is known for offering customized solutions. We have experienced consultants who are fully aware of the latest developments. When our expert consultants are present to help, the entire procedure will become hassle-free. You can easily acquire an offshore license in Dubai with our help. Just contact our specialist team for further guidance and help.

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