Family Visa Cost In Dubai

Looking for details about family visa charges in Dubai?

Looking for details about family visa charges in Dubai?

The experts of IMAS can provide further guidance.

Dubai is the land of amazing opportunities for foreign investors. Being the central hub of economic activities in the region, it offers tremendous opportunities for investors to grow their business and engage in regional competitors. The foreigners in Dubai have been flocking to the mainland for decades and many have made it a permanent home. The government encourages the expatriates to have a normal family life in UAE and has offered leniency in the process to settle down in UAE with the families. The expatriates living in Dubai are allowed to bring their families with them in Dubai through a family visa. However, the process requires meeting certain requirements meted out by the authorities. These requirements include:

  • Male expatriates with a minimum salary of AED 5,000 per month plus accommodation can bring their family to the UAE on a family visa.
  • Female expatriates with a minimum monthly salary of AED 5,000 plus accommodation can bring their family to the UAE on a family visa.
  • All 18+ family members to undertake medical tests for HIV, TB, and other basic medical conditions at a government-designated hospital in UAE
  • Sponsorship for spouses in a same-sex marriage is not permitted.

At IMAS, we offer complete step-by-step assistance in filing applications for acquiring family visas in Dubai. The regulations are lenient; however, it is a time-taking process, and you would not want to miss out on providing all the details timely. To get approval, it is important to be informed about family visa charges in Dubai, and our courteous team is always ready to answer your queries and assess cost estimates. The cost for a family visa is dependent on several factors like the size, number of family members, duration of their stay, etc. To seek a family visa, it is mandatory to meet the criteria set out by the officials.

If you have an innovative business idea, you are always welcome to the UAE. Consult with us to learn more about family visa charges in Dubai. The expats can always bring their family to the UAE if they succeed in fulfilling the requirement. Obtaining a family visa in Dubai is not very difficult, but you must comply with all the formalities. The government is also trying to relax some rules. With the help of our experts, you can easily obtain a family visa. They will guide you through all the documentation process, and this will save your time. Feel free to contact the experts of IMAS, and they will guide you about family visa charges in Dubai.

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