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Technical Services License Cost in Dubai

The technical services license is required for offering services such as flooring and tiling, carpentry, air filtration services, concrete works, plaster and cladding works, plumbing and sanitary contracting, corporate cleaning services, electrical fitting and fixtures services, false ceiling and light partition installation, and all other such installation and maintenance services. The companies which are striving to launch maintenance services such as MEP companies, glass and cladding companies, etc should also acquire all the relevant licenses. However, this is a diverse sector which is why we recommend the new businesses and entrepreneurs to be specific about the nature of their work to acquire the relevant license. At IMAS, we manage your application along with other necessary documents for the approval of the technical services license in Dubai on your behalf. You can consult our experts to get further guidance about technical services license costs in Dubai.

To acquire the license, it is important to make a solid case free from all errors. In this regard, it is essential to hire the help of a company formation specialist like IMAS who is resourceful in handling your case masterfully. The technical license can be acquired either for mainland companies or free trade zones. The technical license cost in the mainland is higher than the free zones, but it yields more profits and achieves sustainable growth as well. The license enables you to enjoy tax exemptions and work visa facilities. The cost of a technical license for a mainland company ranges between AED 12,000-15,000. Reach out to IMAS to get estimates for technical services license cost in Dubai.

Our team at IMAS is an expert in acquiring the license you need. We will hold a series of meetings with you to gauge the exact nature of your business establishment and determine whether or not it qualifies for a technical license. Our team will provide step-by-step assistance to initiate your process to acquire the license for the technical services swiftly without delay. Obtaining a technical services license in Dubai is not very tough if a specialist like IMAS is ready to help you. Just follow our simple steps to get the license. Our specialists are ready to guide you during the entire process. We will make sure your application is error-free. You can count on us to learn more about technical services license cost in Dubai.

There are many great opportunities waiting for you in the UAE, and after acquiring a technical services license in Dubai, you can effectively manage your business. After hiring our service, you can easily eliminate the stress that comes while acquiring a license. The expert team of IMAS will take care of all the procedures and ensure that your application does not contain any error. The procedure of acquiring a license can become stressful due to confusion or lack of information. Our team will give you suitable advice and also provide help from the beginning till the end. Get the relevant license as per the nature of your business. IMAS is known for providing cost-effective solutions.

After acquiring your valid license, you can start your business activities. Our expert team will make you familiar with the laws, rules, regulations, procedures and estimated cost of acquiring a license. You must acquire the necessary license so that you can operate your business in a hassle-free manner. Our expert team will guide you through the entire process, and your business will benefit from the comprehensive range of services. IMAS is present to solve all your problems. Our team will simplify all the complex procedures. In case you have any questions in mind regarding technical services license cost in Dubai, just share with us. The team of IMAS will be happy to help you.

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