Importance of a Business set-up company in Dubai

Dubai is a charming market for investors with a lot of opportunities to grow and prosper. Due to its versatile consumer base, it is the preferred choice of many entrepreneurs to venture into the market and offer diverse services. But to start a business in Dubai, you must seek the services of a professional business set-up company in Dubai like IMAS Biz. There are many benefits of utilizing the services of an expert for various reasons that we will detail in this post.


To open up a business in Dubai, you need to acquire a license. A business set-up company guides about the pros and cons of acquiring Mainland, Fee Zone, and Offshore License in Dubai and recommends the best type of license and location suitable for the nature of your business. It also assists you in deciding whether you need General Trading, Industrial, Professional, or Technical Services license in dubai as per the services you have to have for the customers.


To start a business in Dubai, approval from the Department of Economic Development is mandatory. For this purpose, there is a long process of documentation and coordination which can become tiresome and confusing for a business owner. A business set-up company is generally more resourceful and experienced to handle such matters quickly.

Registration and Trademark

A business setup company can also help with the registration process such as company name, choosing its trademark, etc. As per law, you are required to ensure that the company name and trademark you have chosen are not already in use and you are copying others’ work in your services. A business setup company helps avoid such glitches.

Translation & Attestation

In the registration process, you have to submit a plethora of valid documents to the relevant authorities. And in Dubai, every official document has to be in Arabic or translated into Arabic. Moreover, you are required by law to submit attested documents only as proof of validation You can task your business consultants to get the translation and attestation of the documents done as well.

Opening Bank Account

Opening a bank account is another major milestone in registering a business in Dubai. A reliable Business setup company can guide you about the process and help you in opening a bank account in Dubai especially if you are a non-local.

Office Space

If you are looking to control your expenses at the start of your new business in Dubai, you must look for cost-effective ways. A major chunk of the budget is spent on paying heft building rents so you must ask your business consultants to look for the Cheapest Business center in Dubai to open up a company office.