Hong Kong Offshore Athority

Hong Kong Offshore Athority

Hong Kong is a place where world’s most widely spoken languages are used by the people for communication are English and Chinese. After London & New York this place is ranked as the global financial center. This makes Hong Kong one of the most exalted places in terms of starting off the business like gaming, design, ecommerce and industries etc. Hong Kong remains number one in Heritage Economic Index since 2016.

The benefits to get the business licenses here are no taxes on foreign profit, zero paid up capital requirements, tax based on source not residence, modern offshore legislation, no currency restriction on capital, stable jurisdiction, global financial center anad world class amenities make it favourite place for the investors from all over the world.

In one country there is confluence of western and aisan culture, and this makes Honk Kong one country two systems. IMAS will help you with guidance that will lead you to the full business set up in such a place which is known as one of the finest places to start a business due to its resilient economy and strong GDP. IMAS helps clients to maintain the accounts in order to prove when no profit through business activity is made in Hong Kong in order to save taxes on the qursy done by the tax authorities.

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