Industrial License

Industrial License

Under Mainland Company formation the industrial license allows the owner to set up production, accumulation, segregation and packaging and for this license you require a warehouse or an open land to setup a manufacturing unit. IMAS helps you to understand that what size of land or warehouse along with the power wattage is required based to the nature of your business set up.

We suggest you not be impulsive while acquiring the land or warehouse and come to us for the free consultation in which you are surely going to discover few good points related to the your business setup. Our advice and aisstance will save you from the redundant stress and waste of money along with the time.

Before the application of this license you need to get some approvals from Ministry of Economy and concern Industrial Department’s Approvals. You are going to require the meddle of IMAS as mandate when it will come to get the approval from Dubai Environmental Department because we will prepare a report to submit it to this department on your behalf, Approvals on required Wattage from DEWA, IMAS is ready to help you with the layout of factory which is important to submit with Dubai Manucipality for approval. Dubai has categorized the land and warehouses as per the industry for example you cannot open a manufacturing unit in an industrial zone that is only meant for the stirage business, so to avoid the complexities yout need someone like IMAS.

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