Family Visa Cost In Dubai

Family Visa Cost in Dubai

What Does A Family Visa In Dubai Cost?
There are a number of Dubai visa fees that you should anticipate paying. You can furthermore be required to pay for your service provider and any extra paperwork or attestation on top of the basic expenses.

Some fees for family visas to the UAE are listed below:

Opening of Sponsorship File: AED 200-300
Entry Permit: 400–1200 AED
Change of Visa Status: AED 690
Medical examinations: around 300 to 450 AED
Emirates ID: 450 AED (3 years), 350 AED (2 years), and 250 AED (1 year).
Health Insurance: Prices start at around AED 450 per month.

Requirements For A Dubai Family Visa and its Cost And How To Apply 2023

Amazing chances for international investors abound in Dubai. Given that it serves as the primary economic core for the area, investors have a ton of opportunity to expand their enterprises and take on local rivals. For years, Dubai’s international population has been moving to the mainland, and many have settled there permanently. The government has made it easier for expats to settle down in the UAE with their families by encouraging them to have typical family lives there. Through a family visa, expats in Dubai are permitted to bring their families with them. But to complete the procedure, one must adhere to the rules set forth by the authorities.

Requirements for a Dubai Family Visa Cost

A family visa allows male expats with a minimum monthly income of AED 3,000–4,000 plus housing to bring their family to the UAE.
Female expats can bring their families to the UAE on a family visa if they earn a minimum monthly salary of AED 8,000 to 10,000 plus housing.
At a government-designated hospital in the UAE, all family members who are 18 or older must undergo medical examinations for HIV, TB, and other common medical disorders.
No spouses in a same-sex marriage may be sponsored.
IMAS provides comprehensive, step-by-step support for submitting applications for family visas in Dubai.

UAE Family Visa Requirements

  1. Copy of the sponsored family member’s current passport
  2. Minimum of 3 colorful passport-size photos of you and your family members. An application that has been properly filled out and acquired from a typing center
  3. legitimate copy of the insurance card
  4. Duplicate of the front and back of the sponsor’s Emirates ID card
  5. A copy of the passport of the person sponsoring
  6. Copy of the supporting person’s resident visa for the UAE.
  7. A copy of the sponsor’s job contract and documentation demonstrating that the minimum pay criterion was met, such as a salary certificate, are required.
  8. A lease agreement or title deed might serve as proof of residence.
  9. Or a registered house ownership or tenancy agreement in the sponsor’s name. The contract and any supplementary paperwork, however, must be accompanied by a copy of the husband’s Emirates ID card if the wife is a sponsor and the contract is in his name.
  10. Additionally required is a copy of the health examination test results from a facility that has received government approval.
  11. Make sure your marriage document has been attested to as well.
  12. Last witnessed the kids’ birth certificates.

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