Why should female entrepreneurs consider establishing businesses in the UAE?

Women make up 70% of university graduates in the UAE and 44% of the entire workforce. These figures demonstrate the importance of women in the UAE’s economic future. There have never been more chances for women to establish businesses in the UAE than now, thanks to the government particularly for being supportive of women starting their businesses. Apart from creating a conducive investment environment through revolutionary measures like establishing Freezone, smooth family visa processes, and easing e process of getting a Technical Services license in dubai, The Emarite government went an extra mile to encourage the female population to play their role in countries development  The reasons why female entrepreneurs should consider pursuing their entrepreneurial goals in the UAE are listed below.

A business environment  That Encourages Gender Equality

The business landscape in the United Arab Emirates is aimed at preserving equality in the business world. It values gender equality more than any other MENA country.

The UAE government is spearheading efforts to directly address gender equality in the workplace. It provided $50 million to the Women Entrepreneurs Finance Initiative fund in 2017, narrowing the gender gap in the UAE workforce by 64 percent. Gender equality is one of the UAE government’s proclaimed sustainable development goals.

Lucrative investment prospects:

The UAE’s diverse business opportunities have made it easy to pick out the best field for a start-up. Because of expanding commercial sectors, the UAE government was able to keep the economy going even throughout the pandemic. Women entrepreneurs have access to a whole new world of freelance e-commerce, online education, digital marketing, and IT. Women may start a business in any industry based on their expertise or team abilities without spending a fortune. with the support of business set-up consultants in Dubai  Women have found it convenient to learn corporate structures, government rules, and legal jurisdictions, among other things.

Business Startup Opportunities In The Freezones:

In the UAE’s free zones, women entrepreneurs can find plenty of business startup opportunities with 100% ownership, full capital return, and more. Women entrepreneurs may choose flexible office space arrangements at minimal overhead cost by establishing a firm in the Best freezone in UAE. Apart from that, the authorization process is quick because just a few permissions are necessary. Furthermore, the Ras Al Khaimah economic zone provides the establishment of a company package tailored specifically for women entrepreneurs.

Long-term visa packages for female investors and businesses are available:

The UAE government has begun to alter visa validity durations, which has benefited both male and female investors and businesses. The introduction of 10-year and long-stay visas for this segment of people has shown to be successful in attracting the skills needed to propel the economy forward. This project provides a safety net for women and allows them to plan far into the future.

It is not difficult for a woman to start a company in the UAE. Our professionals at IMAS  can assist you with setting up your business fast and easily, providing you with the framework you need to launch the business of your dreams! To bring your entrepreneurial ambitions to reality, contact IMAS.