5 Ideas to cut the unusual office costs

Establishing a new business in a bustling market in UAE is not easy. It is lengthy procedure comprising planning, registration, licensing, finding business place, visa process, and s much more. The process of Company Registration in Dubai requires prior experience in the field and the help of expert business consultants like IMas Biz can ease the process tremendously. To venture into a new market, the investors have to spend an enormous amount of money to cover certain expenses. In such a scenario, the experts always advise especially to young entrepreneurs to spend smartly and cut costs where possible. To open up a company in Mainland Dubai, the laws of the land require to have a physical office in the city. While the office rental in Mainland is quite expensive, however a little effort can be made to find a Cheapest Business center in Dubai to cut the expenses. Here are some ideas to cut expenses while opening up a new office.

Find an economical place

Instead of looking for expensive places, you should look for a cheaper rental place so that you may save money to spend on other important procedures. The office rentals in Dubai are expensive but with the help of experts you can find a feasible option easily.

Share office Space

To save money, you can also look for the listings by posted by company offices for shared spaces. It is a common trend in Dubai to share office space between different companies. Even if you cannot find the one, you can list the place that you have rented for space sharing.


During the pandemic, many businesses restored to operate from home to avoid social interaction. This in turn revealed that the businesses can save a lot of money by having a workforce working remotely rather than physically. It had a huge impact on electricity bills, kitchen services, cleaning services and many other such expenses. The new businesses can also follow this technique and hire remote employees to reduce expenses of a physical office.

Buy Pre-Loved Products

Instead of buying shiny new products, look for pre-loved or gently used office equipment in a flea market. You can find many useful items such as furniture, laptops, printers, vehicles, security equipment, etc.

Hire the help of professionals

To establish a new business, it is best to leave the matters to the hands of experts like IMAS Biz. Instead of risking money with experiments, the professional services ensure the full-fledge formation and Company Registration in Dubai without glitches.