Foster change with confidence, empathy, and purpose

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IMASBIZ is a global management and technology consulting firm specializing in strategic profitability improvement, digital transformation, and advisory services

In the era of big data, organizations are swimming in numbers, yet struggling to make sense of it in meaningful ways. A strategic approach and hands-on execution enable us to do the heavy lifting that modern businesses require.

Establishing a business empire in the world’s largest best free zone in Dubai is the dream of many entrepreneurs and investors who wish to operate with minimal restrictions. We humanize data by translating numbers into actionable insights, helping our clients make better decisions, and working by their side to foster change with confidence, empathy, and purpose. If looking to start a new business in Dubai, it is necessary to obtain a license to start the business without legal obstacles. Depending on the nature of operations and services offered by the business establishment, it is important to acquire the relevant license ranging from the general license, trading license, services license, and industrial license. Under our special package, we not only assist in acquiring the relevant license for your business but also cover the free zone license cost in Dubai.

That’s why our clients trust us — because we have the experts and the market intelligence to drive purposeful change.


Increase client profitability with a
priority of not reducing people


To be a premier management and technology consulting firm that
Global 1000 companies rely on
to solve their most complex
business performance issues.


We believe in the value of people.
We believe company success
is truly realized through the
enrichment and empowerment
of its people.

Market Intelligence

Our proprietary Knowledge Management Center is a repository of intellectual property covering thousands of projects.

We Implement

We devise and implement strategies, from start to finish. Then, we work alongside your team for a smooth transition and sustainable future.


We are fueled by enthusiasm, determination, ambition, and strength to find unique solutions to complex problems.

Loyalty to Clients

We believe our clients are partners for life, so we prioritize collaboration and ensure that our performance leaves a lasting impact.


We align individual career goals and corporate objectives for the betterment of current and future team members. Family

We understand the importance of family. We enable our team to enjoy personal time while also pursuing a career.


We make a positive, measurable impact on our communities through collective volunteer opportunities and individual contributions.


We’re committed to safeguarding our environment and conserving natural resources to preserve the world for future generations.


We understand the importance of family. We enable our team to enjoy personal time while also pursuing a career.