20 Small business ventures popular in Dubai

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Dubai is growingly becoming a vibrant business hub in the region. With exceptional infrastructure, supportive policies, and a state-of-the-art lifestyle, the Emirates has become one of the top destinations for many local as well as foreign investors. However, Dubai’s lucrative olive branch is not limited to just mega investors. It offers equal opportunities and an encouraging environment for entrepreneurs to launch their small businesses and startups with confidence. Are you Looking to start new business in Dubai? Here are some of the most popular and profitable businesses in Dubai.


According to estimates, more than 99 percent of the population in UAE has access to the Internet. This is the reason why starting up an e-commerce venture is highly popular and profitable. People like to shop from the comfort of their homes and order their favorite stuff with just a click. So, get an e-commerce license, register your business and be ready to conquer the market.

Event Management 

Event management is another profitable and exciting business in Dubai. The Emirates is home to several wealthy individuals, global organizations, international brands, restaurants, etc. who don’t shy away from spending to arrange a happening event without having to take the burden of planning. Event management companies have managed to fill the vacuum by taking complete responsibility to arrange astounding events professionally. If you are a socialite with great connections in the market and good know-how of Dubai’s landscape, consider event management as your business venture.


Since Dubai is famous in the world for sightseeing, it is one of the top tourist destinations in the world. There is so much to explore in the city and if you know the right spots, you could start a small business to support tourists looking for affordable and unique experiences. It is one of the great markets that ensures rewarding profits.


The best thing about Dubai is that most of its population is based on foreigners. This is the reason you will notice such diversity in Dubai’s food market. No matter where you are from, if you can maintain quality and deliver authentic food, setting up a food business in Dubai is a rewarding job.

Delivery Services

Ever since the pandemic, the dependency on delivery services has increased to manifolds in Dubai. Whether you need to order food, drop stuff off to relatives, or send a parcel, delivery services have turned into a thriving market. If you have the knowledge and expertise, don’t hesitate to launch your delivery business right away. Reach out to us at IMAS Biz to know about the Delivery Services license Cost in Dubai. We are one of the leading business formation companies in Dubai offering complete support to several young businesses and entrepreneurs.