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With the rise of restrictions and lockdown, the demand for delivery services has hiked in the UAE. Certain restaurants, retail stores, and services companies started to provide home deliveries to avoid losing their businesses altogether. People are rapidly opting for such services that deliver the ordered goods to the doorstep of the customers. However, with the surge of demand for home delivery, a drop in the quality of services was also noticed by the authorities. Complaints regarding delayed deliveries, sending cheap and fake items contrary to the claims made on the webpages, started piling, and authorities were restored to bring a solution. Considering the safety and regularity in the growing delivery system, the UAE government has introduced a delivery license in Dubai. To set up a delivery service business in Dubai, you are bound to acquire the delivery license and register your company with the concerned authorities. You can consult with our experts to learn more about delivery services license cost in Dubai.

The new regulations have helped the authorities to keep a check and balance on the quality of service offered by the vendors. In case, if a vendor fails to provide quality services, the license enables the authorities to possess a right to initiate legal proceedings against the company. To avoid fines and legal proceedings, it is important that the business establishments are fully informed about the criteria of starting a delivery service in the UAE. Our team at IMAS is fully informed by the new updates in license regulation and is eager to help you start operations without delay. The cost of the delivery license ranges between AED 12,000 to 15,000 excluding other costs. We assist our clients in the process to acquire delivery licenses in Dubai. Our team will diligently craft an application to acquire a delivery license for your business startup in Dubai and will coordinate with the relevant authorities on your behalf. To get a better estimate of delivery services license cost in Dubai, you can count on us.

There should be an expert who can guide you on all vital matters, and IMAS is always ready to help its clients. You must acquire a delivery license in Dubai, and it is also very important to fulfill other formalities to avoid other hassles. By hiring our services, you can get necessary assistance. Acquiring a necessary license is not a challenging task when professional experts are present to guide and assist you. From drafting the application to coordinating with the authorities, our expert team will help you to fulfill all the formalities.

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