VAT Registration Charges in Dubai

VAT registration charges in Dubai

Most entrepreneurs and businessmen just love the tax environment of the UAE. As the tax landscape of this country is very attractive, many ambitious people are now planning to settle here. However, it is wrong to say that the UAE is tax-free because there is one common tax that is applicable in many businesses. VAT was rolled out in 2018, and it was introduced so that the government can get an additional source of income apart from the oil revenues. The government spends this money in providing high standard public services to the citizens. VAT is considered an effective way to improve the GDP of the nation and enhance the tax revenues. A business has to collect VAT from its customers and submit it to the government.

The experts of IMAS are present to guide you in the process of VAT registration. In the UAE, the VAT registration is straightforward, but expert advice can save your time as well as effort. Several documents have to be submitted with the relevant authorities. Our expert team will guide you in complex procedures so that the formalities can be completed very easily. Your business must register for VAT if its taxable supplies exceed AED 375,000. If you want further guidance about VAT registration charges in Dubai, the experts of IMAS can help you. We always share the right set of knowledge with our clients so that the process of business set up and registration is not a challenge for them. Our experts have knowledge about the process of registration. Contact us today to collect further details about VAT registration in Dubai.

We have a very passionate and committed team that helps clients in the process of VAT registration. Our team has always helped aspiring entrepreneurs and businessmen. From helping with the company set up process to VAT registration, we are always ready to help you on each step. Our advice will always shut off your specific needs.

Why is hiring the expert team of IMAS a good idea?

  • Superior expertise
  • Sufficient experience
  • Reduced risk
  • The registration procedures can be carried out very quickly

If the company misses the due date of VAT registration, it could lead to a heavy fine. So, take help from the professional team of IMAS and avoid risks. Feel free to contact the expert team of IMAS if you want further details about VAT registration charges in Dubai.

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