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Dubai is full of business names and signage of different companies. Each company aims to come up with an attractive name to get identified. To keep your identity distinctive and protected, it is highly important that you register the trademark of your business entity. A trademark is what differentiates you from other companies. A trademark could be a name, pictures, signatures, colors, slogans, software, application, website, shape, pattern, or combinations of any of these. IMAS is fully equipped to take that burden off your shoulders and get your distinctive trademark registered. We can help you and guide you to learn more about trademark registration costs in Dubai.

In the UAE, a certain ‘Class’ system is devised for trade mark registration in Dubai depending on the nature of the business. There are as many as 45 international classes and the trademark can be registered in any of the relevant classes. Choosing the right category and protecting your identity from copycats is critical. You must take help from experts like IMAS for trade mark registration in Dubai. Our team has no shortage of creative skills required for the formation of a chic trademark for your company. The key while making a trademark is to stand out among others. However, it is not limited to making a trendy trademark. The registration process involves the proper description of the nature of the business so that it can be assigned under a specific and relevant class. There are certain methods through which you can accomplish your technical tasks in a cost-effective and hassle-free manner. Feel free to take help from IMAS in the process of trademark registration. We can help you with technical steps and guide you with the trademark registration cost in Dubai.

The registration is done for a period of time, and after that, you need to apply for the renewal of the registration. Even if you want to cancel your registered trademark, you have to undertake a cancellation process. Our team at IMAS is well-versed in this entire registration, renewal, and cancellation process and is ready to handle all the trademark registration processes for you. They will file for the application process only after carefully searching the market for registered trademarks to avoid penalties.

You must take care of necessary aspects in the process of trade mark registration in Dubai. Please note your trade mark should not be offensive from any angle against religion and public morale. Any flag is not supposed to be present on the trademark. Titles and names of third parties cannot be used on the trademark. You must consult with experts and learn more about technicalities. Always try to get a unique trademark so that your business can benefit. Just maximize the value of your business. A good trade mark can act as a valuable marketing tool. Feel free to contact our expert team, and they will help you about trademark registration costs in Dubai.

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