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100% Ownership Of Company In Dubai

100% Ownership Of Company In Dubai

According to new regulations set out by the Department of Economic Development (DED), UAE allows expats to enjoy 100% ownership of company in Dubai with effect from June 01, 2021. The new regulation is termed as the historic move as it will enable several businesses to qualify for the full ownership of the company. We at IMAS are excited to help you establish such a business in the mainland of Dubai in which you are the sole owner of the company and entitled to enjoy all its perks. Earlier the foreign owners were bound to owning 49% of the ownership of the company with an Emirati sponsor or partner. The regulation has been changed, and now is the best time to set your foot into the market in Dubai.

The move is significant as it will slash the company set-up cost in mainland UAE and investors are more at liberty now to set up an establishment without seeking a mandatory partnership. Dubai is already home to foreign investors, and the move will bring even more competition and diversity to the local market. It is a tremendous opportunity for investors, businessmen, and entrepreneurs to start a new business in UAE without having to worry about unwanted partnerships.

The previous arrangement of partnership with a local entity was responsible for delay and complications in operation when the nominees were required to make a presence in meetings and take part in notarial appointments or documental agreements. The exclusion of such practices will bring ease of doing business in Dubai for investors interested to start operations in UAE. The move is also significant to increase the confidence of foreign investors that are looking to invest in the GCC region. The entire business and trade ecology in Dubai is likely to get an unprecedented boost in the economy and the markets in the region will flourish tremendously in services besides oil and gas trade.

Many wealthy entrepreneurs and foreign investors are eager to avail such opportunities. They do not want to miss the opportunity to take 100% ownership of company in Dubai. Feel free to consult with experts and learn how the revision in law can benefit you. This new offer is certainly very enticing for the foreign investors. It is also convincing them that the UAE is a very attractive place for investment. Today the UAE has become one of the most ideal locations where you can begin your entrepreneurial journey. If you are planning to set up a business, consult with our experts.

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