RAKICC Offshore Authority

RAKICC Offshore Authority

This has a global reputation among the investors for its noble ambience for the business which is also cost effective. So if the business man wants confidentiality then RAK ICC is one of the best option in UAE that provide offshore business license.

Along with the zero taxes it also provides the registered address in Dubai. This place ideal to practice international business and holding assets. The business account of an offshore company can be opened with the banks with in UAE or world wide.

Full owner ship with remote registration along with zero capital and annual reporting. If your business is going to take place abroad and you also have no requirement of the residence visa then offshore lisence is the best option. The offshore license here can be obtained remotely. Trust IMAS for the paper work and registration procudres.

Some of the benefits strategic location, no paid up capital, incorporation within 24 hours, full foreign ownership, bank facilities, low start cost, and last but not least IMAS will simplify the licensing procedure.

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