Singapore offshore Authority

Singapore offshore Authority

As a foreigner there are the several options waiting for you in Singapore. So if you want to go for an offshore business license with in the country then so you can do any types of business with in the country. That means you cannot make any profit from SIngpore or hire the workforce from here. Despite all these the investor can have the bank account with in the Singapore, but cannot have the Singaporean office or shareholder.

The main benefits that entice the investors is the zero income taxes and minimum capital state requirement is only one USD. Mostly the business verticals that are interested are E Commerce, International Consultancies and Supply chain etc.

To open corporate bank account in Singapore is not that smooth as it is in UAE, but you need not to worry when IMAS is there. The good and resilient economy has made this thing easy for the on the ground of stable legislation, so this also does not allow all sort of bluffing businesses to enter this country.

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