E- Commerce License In UAE

E- Commerce License In UAE

Get your e- commerce license in UAE

An e-commerce license means acquiring legal permission to conduct commercial transactions on the Internet. With the business world switching to online markets rapidly, more and more businesses are restoring to start their operations online as well. The customers’ approach toward shopping is changing, and more people are looking for online solutions from the comfort of their homes. No one wants to stay behind their competitors. In this digital age, it is imperative to have a throbbing online appearance to entertain your clients. It helps to boost sales tremendously. However, to launch a website and start operations online requires prior approval from the concerned authorities. No one can flout the regulations in UAE as the officials are leasttolerant of unlawful businesses operating in the vicinity. To keep an online presence or to launch an online startup, it is mandatory to acquire an e-commerce license in UAE.

The e-commerce license helps facilitate endorsing goods and products through the use of internet services. The online business can also be established besides the physical structure. The e-commerce license in UAE is also beneficial to new start-ups and home-based entrepreneurs who have launched their operations at a small scale. You don’t need to hire a large workforce to cover your legal battles. Reach out to us at IMAS, and we will ensure that your business is growing and operating under legal cover in the market. The cost of an e-commerce license ranges from AED 6,000 to 8,000. However, we encourage our clients to reach out to us for the estimates.

Just like any other mainland or freezone company, the e-commerce company is fully owned by the investor. After acquiring the license, the investor can launch its operations online and access a wide range of consumers online without hassle. You can contact us for assistance to get your e-commerce license in UAE. You must obtain a necessary license from the concerned authorities. If you fail to acquire the license, authorities will not allow you to operate the business. There are some aspects on which the e-commerce license cost depends. You have to comply with certain terms and conditions in order to get your valid license. The expert team of IMAS will help you with important aspects and help your business to get the much required legal cover. Doing any illegal trade without a valid license can bring you very heavy penalties. Feel free to contact IMAS and get your e-commerce license in UAE so as to continue with business operations in a hassle-free manner.

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