Ajman Freezone

Some of the unique features of the Ajman free zone make it separate from others for the business activites and investors. One of these offers is famous as multiple installment plan which allows investors to pay for the business license in installment and if they are unable to pay renewal in one go then they pay it also in installments of two, three or six depending upon their capability. IMAS helps the investors with their budget allocation for the installments. If you are ready with the obligatory papers then IMAS can help you to get the business license on the same day. The first installment should be paid as cash and rest should be paid in the form of the Post dated Check, since this post dated check should be from the bank’s branch within UAE.

IMAS understands that many investors coveting to get license here may not have a bank account within this country. IMAS here steps forward for such companies by helping them in opening the bank account in UAE, which is not an easy taks for the expat investors especially.

The flexibility of this free zone is also exalted by many because it also allows the post dated checks of the people in proximity having bank account within UAE who are ready to take guarantee of the investor. But here are some formalities that a gaurantor has go through and IMAS is ready to help with such things. There are some good policies of this free zone and out of which one is that Ajman free zone has representative office in Dubai and another one is that International trade becomes easy from here after the registration in the Chamber of Commerce.

Another good example of flexibility is that as an investor you can go for no residence visa package or multiple residence visas package. But there are some norms related to the office setup and here IMAS will help you with the information.

One thing as an investor you have to keep in mind that Ajman free zone license is not for the heavy manufacturing. The renewal is as same as the price of the company incorporation.

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